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What is CAKE?
CAKE is a national social, networking, and support organization for bisexual women.

Where is CAKE located?

Cake currently host a chapter in Atlanta, Georgia. Mid-Late 2004 Cake will host a new chapter in Florida. In 2005 Cake will host chapters in California and Texas. Cake chapters are dependent on the demand for the organization so make sure you answer the poll on the homepage and tell us where the next Cake chapter should be.

How long has CAKE been around?
The idea for CAKE came about in late 2001. Early 2002 CAKE accepted it's first members.

Where does the name CAKE come from?
The founder chose this name because when she told a close friend of hers that she was bisexual her friends response was "you just want to have your cake and eat it too."

Do you have to be bisexual to join CAKE?
You do not have to be bisexual to become a member of CAKE. CAKE welcomes ALL women to become members

What type of women are members of CAKE?
There are all different types of women that make up CAKE. CAKE prides it self on diversity. Regardless of your background, age, race, sexual preference, current relationship status etc... you will be a welcome addition to CAKE.

Do you have to "get involved" with someone to be in CAKE?
CAKE is a no pressure group. Every women in CAKE is of legal age, therefore whatever happens between adults is between those adults.

How do I become a CAKE member?

  1. Just call your CAKE representative to set up
    an interview, fill out a CAKE membership form
    and terms and conditions agreement.
  2. Pay your yearly dues.
  3. You will receive your membership welcome
    package at the next Cake event you attend.

New opportunities will be in full bloom when you become a member of Cake

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